Monday, July 30, 2007

Of Tears and Metamorphosis...

I admire the way it triumphed despite of all the struggles...

Leaves started to fall down on that ancient tree, along with the memories that the time left behind. Autumn is coming fast, the most lonliest season of all, at least for me. Rain falls down as the wind started to get colder and colder every second. Tis also the season where tears are most likely to fall down.

There I sat in front of the window, looking at the bright sunset as it sinks on the ground. I smiled in silence as I let the time flow down my cheeks. I closed my eyes for a bit and reminisced the memories we had back then.

It was also Fall when we first met. There on that same tree you stood still. Tears fell down from your cheeks like the rain pouring down on the sidewalk. You stood there, quietly and shivering from the cold winds. Immediately, I ran towards you and shared my umbrella and jacket. You looked at me with those tear-filled eyes. You shared that empty expression on your face then suddenly you moved closer and rested your head on my chest. I knew that you heard my every heartbeat. I also hoped back then that you felt what I really feel for you. But then, as seasons change. You left me behind on that same tree...

Slowly, I opened my eyes. Tears fell from it as I gave out a soft sigh. I looked at that same tree and noticed a cocoon hanging from a single leaf. The cocoon fought every strong wind that Mother Nature gave out. As time passed by, seasons changed. But the cocoon was stronger than it was before. I admired it very much.

Then the sun rose up once again. This time, it gave out a very attractive glow. Like it's giving me a new hope for a new day. I felt its warm embrace and the thought to try again. It smiled at me, I smiled at it too. I'm ready to face a new day. Then, from afar, I noticed the creature inside the cocoon slowly emerges. Slowly, her wings came out. The sun shared its glow upon the creature. She felt lively as she saw the morning light. Eventually, her metamorphosis was complete. She won't suffer anymore. All of her struggles are over, and she has to face another brand new start.

I came out of the house to meet the butterfly and welcome her to the world. Then she initiated her first ever flight. She was very beautiful. She was one with the wind, soaring high upon the clouds. Then all of a sudden, she landed very slowly on my shoulder. She stayed there for a minute and gave me a soft and hidden kiss. Then she flew once more, carefree and happy. Tears slowly fell from my eyes...

Someday, I know you'll come back to me. Just like that buttefly... Flying very happy and contented. The moment that that day comes, I'll promise that I'll give to you the happiness that you truly deserve... I won't hurt you again, and I promise that I will always be here, to share an umbrella and an embrace whenever you're feeling down. Someday... Someday. I know you'll be back. But until then, take care... I'll wait for you. I promise.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Vision of a Broken Heart...

Over those teary eyes, the remaining glimmer slowly loses it's spark...

She sat there quietly at the most secluded spot of the alley. Bringing with her those beautiful yet teary eyes. She sat there quietly as the cold winds cradled her. Tears fell down from her eyes like a waterfall bashing through the river floor. It never stops. Just like the glow on her life that slowly fades out.

She held his hand one last time. On that fateful night, the trees shed its leaves, just like her shedding those tears. He looked at her for one last time and told her to stop crying. He wiped her tears, smiled and then walked away. Away with another woman who held his hand very tightly. That night, she walked along the empty streets alone. With her head bowed down throughout the inner depths of the earth. She couldn't speak, couldn't breath and couldn't hear anything. For her heart was broken into pieces, just when it was starting to heal.

She looked at the heaven, asked God why. But all she could ever hear was her own mournings. She lost all the hope she had. For there was nowhere for her to go. But then she sat there at the alley as if waiting for someone to sit beside her and embrace all those sadness away. But then, she was hoping that he'll come back for her. To hold her hand once more. She sat there, waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. No matter how long, no matter the difficulties she's suffering right now. It doesn't matter. For all that she could ever think about is that, no matter how far the distance, their love would prevail in the end. So she waited some more. She looked at the moon and said to herself. "I wish that he is looking at the same moon as I am right now, maybe the moon could whisper to him all the feelings I have for him. I love you so much". She fainted, with blood flowing along the floor.

Instantly, your eyes captured me.

Lost in time and space, with you I'm free.
Over the stars I wished upon every night.
Venturing the unknown 'til I could find you again.
Enveloped with the grace of hope you gave to me.

Yearning for those sweet melodies again.
Overjoyed by the thoughts of you in my head.
Under the same sky, I know your not that far.

Behind the sadness, I'll still fight for our love.
Everlasting happiness that I promised, I'll give to you.
Bent down along the eyes of fate, I whispered.
I couldn't live without you.

Try to decode... Thanks Ada for the idea...

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Kalinga ng buwan...

Minsan tumingin ako sa buwan
hinanap ka kung saan saan
nanalangin, humiling sa bitwin
nawa'y damdami'y iyong mapansin

luha ang dumaloy saking mga mata
sa tuwing iniisip ang ating ala ala
na minsang dumating ka sa buhay ko
at lilisan din pala, ngayon lang napagtanto

binalot ng hangin ang yong mga salita
umiyak, naghinagpis sa bawat gunita
maibalik ka sa akin ang tanging hiling
ikaw ang makatabi hanggang sa paggising

kahit ang buwan ang ating sandigan
kahit pag ibig nati'y walang hanggan
ngunit pag ang pangako'y na sira na
tuluyan na lang palang mawawala...

Walang magawa sa buhey.. Walang ma ipost ng matino.. As usual, wala yan meaning.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Dreamer's Lullaby...

This time, it will be much longer...

The sun sets much faster since the day you left. I feel my life slowly fades out, joining the setting sun. Life as I knew it, has never been the same.

I stood here at the same place. The place where I met you. I could visualize it clearly, everything happened so fast that time. The sun sets very slowly as I was loving the magnificent view, then it all happened. A flash from the sun blinded my eyes. The cold winds gathered around me, carrying me up until I was knocked unconscious. By the time I woke up, you were in front of me, looking at me with those worried eyes as you whisper "Are you ok?!". I stood up, looked at her with pure curiosity, she looks very unfamiliar. It seems like she's not from around here. She looks different from all the other girls I've seen before. As if she only exists in my dreams. Those eyes, shining like the setting sun. Blinding like the light that knocked me out. They were beautiful, very beautiful.

She sat down beside me, we watched the slowly setting sun. She told me that she's not really from around here. She happened to pass by and saw me lying on the ground unconscious. Everytime she talks, I couldn't stop looking at those eyes. It always takes my breath away everytime our eyes meet. She was very beautiful, slowly, I'm falling for her.

I took her around town, showed her every wonders that the world could bring. Gave her the time of her life. I shouldn't waste the time she gave me. Every second counts. For I feel something very different. It feels like I'm slowly losing her. The night approaches fast. The moon shines its glory. I took her back from the start. From the place where we first met.

"Here we are again."
"Yeah. I thought you'll show me around?"
"Why bother? This is the most beautiful place in town."
"Yeah, in this place the sun sets, in this place life is very peaceful, and in this place, I met you."
*Smiles, blushes* "Can I ask you something?"
"Would you catch me if I fall for you?"
"I'll catch you, and I won't let go."
"Really?.. What would you do If tomorrow, you'll wake up and you'll notice that I'm not by your side anymore?"
"Then I won't sleep, I'll watch over you until the day I die."
"I'm not promising that tomorrow, I'll still be around."
"Why? Tell me."
"I can't."

From that moment, she closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber. I felt scared when I heard those words from her. I hugged her as tight as I can. This time I won't let go, I won't. The winds sang its tune on us. It made me feel very sleepy. Slowly, my eyes closed, I held her tightly just to be sure I won't lose her. I fell into a deep slumber.

The sun shone above me. I opened my eyes, blinded by the rays of the sun. My heart beated violently. I noticed that, she was gone. I shed a tear and realized that, maybe she's really only a dream. But why did it felt so real? I looked around and noticed a note lying beside me.

"I'm sorry for leaving without telling. I'm sorry but I guess, it's time to wake up from this slumber. It was being too good and I loved every second of it. Meeting you was the most precious thing that had happened to me. I wish I could sleep once more so I could be with you all over again. But beautiful things has its end. Remember that I will always love you. I'll surely miss you."

Maybe in time, I'll forget you. Maybe. But then I don't know how or when. But thinking that we're looking at the same sky, we're not really far away. I believe we'll meet again. Someday, somehow. I'll wait for you...

I woke up from a deep slumber. I looked at the calendar and noticed that it has been 3 days. I had a dream. It was a very beautiful experience. I want it to happen again. Maybe.. Just Maybe, if I sleep again, there would be a chance that my dream could continue. Maybe. I'll try. This time, It would be much longer. I might never wake up again. For I'd rather die sleeping and dreaming you are here than waking up every morning noticing that you're not real.


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Friday, July 20, 2007

My one and only...

Be Proud, be happy. It's your day..

Who am I talking about here? Hmm, let's see..
  • To my crying shoulder
  • To my sargeant at arms
  • To my bossing
  • To the family treasurer
  • To my sparring partner
  • To my partner in crime
  • To my little evil counterpart >:)
  • To my little angel
  • To my shooting star
  • To my best friend
  • To my middle-child-syndrome mate
  • To the one I love most
  • To my one and only
  • To my little Sis

Happy happy happy Birthday! As time passes by, always remember that through the years, responsibility takes place. Don't worry, I'll always be right by your side to support you all the way, especially sa chosen career mo! Keep on aiming high! Wag kang mag alala sa akin, kahit hindi na ko gumaling sa bowling. Ang mahalaga ikaw, dahil bata ka pa at mahaba haba pa ang panahon mo para mag ensayo. Sana sa susunod makita ka na namin sa TV, hawak isang malaking trophy at iwinawagayway ang bandila ng Pinas :). GoodLuck to you, keep on striking and Happy Birthday!

They say that if a guy courts a girl, the girl must make sure if he loves / respects his mother very much, for this is a basis if that guy truly knows how to respect a woman. If that's the case, is it also applicable to guys who loves their sister? Haha! Just a thought.

Bawal Suitors! >:)

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Going Under...

Just for once... For once...

Til' now I'm still losing my mind. This paranoia's getting worse and I really don't know how to cure it at this rate. I really hate being alone.

Maybe I'm bringing this up to myself. All this things happen because of me. It is all my fault. I'm being too much busy with bowling and stuff that I happen to neglect her sometimes, whenever I'm not busy, she's the one who is. I haven't really thought about it until now. I can feel it, it is all happening again.

As I did my nightly rounds around the blogosphere, I've noticed many things. Iba talaga. Nararamdaman ko na, na para bang unti unti akong lumulubog sa lupa dahil sa dami ng kanyang taga hanga. Marahil ay sa pag tagal, huhukayin na lamang ako sa lupa. Time really affects everything, nobody can stop it from going around. Marahil, nalalaos na nga ako. Maybe after sometime, I'll just be just a flick of dust in her big world.

I guess, jealousy has really taken over me. And pretty much soon, It will devour my consciousness. I'll promise, after this post, I'll give more time to her. Para hindi ako matabunan sa dumadagsang mga tagahanga.

Sorry for another drama post. It's just that I haven't been myself lately. I'll try to come up with another story or a decent post when everything would go back in place just like before.

Just for Once... I want someone who would be afraid of losing me... Someone who would say "Don't go away, I need you here". I'm missing you badly.

Stupid post.. I'm gonna delete this one anyway...

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Jealousy has taken over me...

Someday, my Paranoia will kill me...

Have you ever felt the feeling of being paranoid for a whole month? Like, asking the winds of fate whether she's ok or not? Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second, every moment you wonder what might have been if you two were in a same place at that time. God, I think I'm losing my mind!
  • Everyday, when you go to school, you're always wondering if she has woken up already and is ready to go to school.
  • Every recess and lunch you're wondering if she is eating properly or if she already ate something.
  • Every afternoon when you sit on the FX, worried about whether she's already on her way home or if she has an overtime at school.
  • Every minute, you're looking at her picture hoping to touch her face even for just a second.
  • Every second, you're always looking for that embrace that no one could ever replace. Those sweet embraces that only she could possibly give to you.
  • Every hour, you could only think about holding her hand as you pass by a series of couples walking along your path.
  • Everyday , you're always looking at that only picture you possess, imagining that it is alive and looking straight at your eyes too.
  • Everyday, wondering if you gave enough attention to her, or if you gave her too much that would make her feel over protected.
  • Everynight, as you go to bed. Wondering if you two are looking at the same moon.

I know I'm being too much paranoid. But then I guess that's how it is. Many of you know my not-so-good past so you can't blame me for feeling this way. I guess this is what they call "taking the risk". You're not in love if you can't take the risk. You're not in love if from the start, you are already giving up.

They say that trust is a must have factor if you truly love someone. If you ask me, yes, I trust her with all my heart. But then I don't trust him.

I guess, loving someone who's a hundred miles away from you is really very hard. It takes a lot of: Patience to understand the situation you to are in at. Trust knowing that you two love each other and no matter what the odds say, you two will not falter. And Honesty. Honest enough to let her know all the things you've been through all this time, honest enough to say aloud all you're feelings for that someone, and honest enough to let go of that person when you really don't feel anything at all.

You never stop loving someone, you just learn to live without them. I told you before and I'll tell you again. I love you too much to let go. Everyday I always fight the fear of thinking that one day, you'll leave my world, the fear of not having you around. I guess as time passed by, I developed that special kind of fear. I'm afraid to lose you.

Why does time fly by so fast? At that moment, you're still holding her hand, under the stars and the lovely glow of the moon. Then after one flick of the eye, the next thing you know, she's still sitting beside you but you notice that someone else is holding her hand too...

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back to back Champions... Almost!

And the Crowd goes wild!

Two tournaments happened today. Yes, it was another tiring day for my sister and I. In the morning, the 7th SM Bowling Cup monthly finals took place, hmm.. Nothing much happened really, so let's not talk about it! Haha! (Mababa kasi scores ko XD) And yeah, my sister ranked 5th, and me? Well. I ranked 26th! Haha! (30 kami lahat).

Then, another tournament in the afternoon. Which was TBAM (Tenpin Bowling Association of Makati) monthly finals which took place at Powerbowl in Rockwell Powerplant, Team Prima's homecourt. Haha! This was again, my comeback in TBAM because I stopped playing there when I stepped into college.

After 2 games, I wasn't mentioned at the rankings, but my sister did. She was 1st on the Group B Ladies Division. I felt the "not interested" feeling again when I played the 3rd and 4th game. And I scored below my usual average. Bummer...

But something happened when the 5th game occured that I wasn't expecting. My name was called. "Chabs Coronacion on 5th place" (Group B Men's Division). And my sister was still leading on their division.

Yes, it pumped me up because it gave me the urge to try again. I still have the chance to rank. I threw my first ball and hit a strike. My parents cheered at the background XD. Then, I threw my second ball and scored an 8 and a spare. I bowed my head down with disappointment. Then, someone texted me. It was Jed telling me that UE won the game against UST. (Congrats Red Warriors BTW) When I was starting to input my reply, Kendall, Dyan's teammate and former Developmental Pool member noticed my cellphone's wallpaper. He asked me with curiosity.

"Kuya Chabs! Sino yan?". I told him "Ah eto? Friend ko.. :)". Then he smuged at me as he said "Inspiration mo?". "Ah.. Oo, inspiration ko". I just smiled at him as he was laughing at me. I looked back and noticed that it was my turn to roll the ball...
Guess what happened next.. :)

(sorry malabo, bulok cellphone ko.. Anyway. CC Means Chabs Coronacion. The scores are:

[X] [8/] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] [XX8] = 278)

Well.. What can I say? I guess, she's my lucky charm.. :)

Oh yeah, I got 2nd. :) Not as good as "Champion" but then, I got a high game. This was my highest game yet :) Wheee! ^_^ And my sister was the champion on their division. ^_^

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Nothing Much...

Hmm.. Bagong layout. Sorry wala akong ma post lately, medyo busy ako with stuff and hindi gumagana ang creative juices ko.. Hehe

Ayon, bagong layout. Try ko naman blue ngaun. There's something about that header pic. Try to guess kung ano yun! It revolves around the 2 main characters :)

Thank you nga pala kay Kris for the 2 characters :P at sa lahat ng nag critic haha!

Siya nga pala.. May napansin ba kayo sa blog ko at sa bawat layout nito? Hehe.. Ipopost ko sa susunod ang detalye! ^_^ Ingat!

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