Sunday, February 18, 2007

On how she took my heart again...

Those were the same stars...

Holding out a flower on one hand, and a guitar on another, I sat at the thick green grass waiting for the 7:00 alarm to ring... I just knew that something would happen on that day... Something I'd never expect to happen...

'Twas a sunny afternoon, me and my batchmates were going home... Home to the freshest air; home to where good things happened; home to where our hearts met and where we grew up... Yes, we went to Infanta... Most of us, (and me) weren't expecting a quick homecoming that weekend. But an event made us come home... One of our batchmate celebrated her 18th Birthday, so we have to attend her debut party...

We arrived at about 5:00pm, 2 hrs early for the party... I was feeling nervous that time, since I still didn't have something to perform for the party... The debutante's mother asked me If I can play something for the party... I still have 2 hrs to think, that was the time I needed...

On the other hand, I held a flower... A beautiful yellow rose, covered with plastic and layered with a newspaper. Looking at it closely, I saw her... I'm supposed to give it to her last valentines day, but then I didn't have the chance to go home... But then again I thought what if she's not there? She told me that she's going to Manila to take entrance exams on Universities and Colleges... So I'm not quite sure that day if I could give them to her personally... I left out a quick sigh as I went to my room to change for the party...

Time ticked so fast, still I wasn't able to come up with a song to play at my friend's party. I went out of the room noticing that it was already dark outside... I looked at the night sky noticing the same stars as before...

Those were the same stars... The same stars that you and I once looked at... The same stars where we left our wishes and dreams as we count them as they fall down... Those where the stars that blanketed us unto the everlasting veil of the universe... Those where the same stars... The witness to where I confessed my love to you...

I smiled and remembered that I left here my feelings for her... That was the place where I cried while whispering her name; the place where I spoke the last "I love you" I would ever tell her... But then every time I come home... I always felt that she was always there, waiting for me... Waiting for me to continue our story... The story that I finished a long time ago... I looked at the stars again, noticing that the stars were then covered with dark clouds... The place turned dark again... I closed my eyes with a sigh, and then went to the car to go on ahead...

We arrived at the Venue; I left my guitar and the flowers at the car... Although there were not a lot of people around, the place was bright and lively... Slowly, we entered the building, looking around, noticing the people around were the debutante's relatives... We took our seat at the most secluded spot... There at the corner we sat, waiting for the building to fill up with guests... As my eyes started wandering, I noticed someone... Sitting there near the window, with her family around her... Yes it was her... My heart started to beat so loudly...

Her brother then came to me... And asked me if I had already thought of a song to play... When I told her the updates, he immediately helped me to think of one... Eventually, we came up with a song... But then, he didn't know how to play that song... So he asked her sister to play it for him...

When it was already the time for us to play our part, we went to the stage... The singer started saying the lyrics of the song... As I played the "Cajon" I couldn't stop looking at her... Good at playing the guitar as ever... Oh how I missed those times where we were once like this... Playing together on-stage and off the stage... Somehow, I felt happy...

After the presentation, we went again to our seats at the corner of the room... There with my other batchmates we sang out songs that reminded us of what we were when we were in Highschool... And also, songs on how she took my heart before...

She then started playing a familiar song... The song that we played together before we were apart... I smiled as she was too... She gave me the guitar and told me to continue... It was the only song that we finished playing that night... My heart started to beat more loudly than before as I noticed she was looking at me... My face turned red, and suddenly I went out to have some fresh air...

I took out the flowers, and then texted her to come out of the building... As I waited for her anxiously amidst the cold winds of the night... I felt nervous... But then again I thought that It was now or never... I must do it now or else it will be too late...

She came out with that curious look upon her face... "Pasok na tayo sa loob" she whispered... I smiled and revealed my late valentine gift for her... She paused for a while... I really didn't know what she felt back there... But she was speechless... Then she smiled, held my hand, and pulled me to go inside... She was quiet the whole time, picking out the petals and giving it a quick sniff...

As we sat on that spot again, she went to pick up the guitar and started playing an unfamiliar song... As she was singing those sweet melodies, I smiled, listened closely and I remembered... That was the song she promised to sing to me... The song she made for me... The song that I didn't had the chance to hear... I looked at her, and noticed that she was also looking at me... My face turned red and noticed that she was too... That was the most beautiful song I have ever heard...

I looked at the stars once again when I came home... The dark clouds were now gone and everything was clear... The same stars came out once again... Shining its glory upon my wounded heart as if they were healing it... Then my cellphone lit up... I read the message... It was from her... "Thank You"...

I closed my eyes for a while... And said to myself...

"I'm ready to fall in love once more..."

My 100th post :)


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