Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Childhood Boogie...

I didn't mind the world... For I was free...

The day was great for a stroll outside. The sun immediately shone his glory unto the world after the rooster's crow... I stood up, got dressed and went outside... The streets were empty, seems like everyone is still asleep, but I can't wait any longer... One by one, I knocked at the gates of my friends' houses, hoping that they were already awake... Eventually, they came out, still with the sign of the sandman who visited their houses... Wiping their eyes and still yawning... "Heey! Come on! Let's play!" I shouted with laughter... They all smiled and immediately went outside...

"Taya ka na!" each of us shouted as we took our turns on being the "it". Our little voices and laughters were heard even from outside our subdivision... Yes, we were having fun... Those were the days... Those were the days that we were free... From the worries of the world, free from the problems of the government, young, innocent, and free... As the sun went up above the heavens, the bell rang... Shouting that it was time for lunch... Pretty soon, the streets would be empty again... As we ate our lunch, all we could ever think about are the laughters and the joy that we shared with each other... The games that we played from morning til night... And the gust of wind as it touches our skins everytime we run... Yes, it was all I could think about...

Whenever the sun waves at us, we always wave back at him at our houses' rooftop... We could see the sun smiling, I know he also enjoyed our company, he also enjoyed watching us right there... I can now see the moon coming... Asking us if she can also play with us...

"Tagu-taguan maliwanag ang buwan, pagbilang ko ng sampu, nakatago na kayo!" The "it" shouted as the moon shares her glow... It was the perfect time to play taguan... I was the it that time... Yes, I know the feeling of being a "burot". We played and played until it was already late... "Anim! Pito! Walo! Siyam! Sampu! Andito na koooh!" I shouted... I turned around and started searching for them... Minutes and hours passed, still I couldn't find them... "Where are they"... A security guard saw me, and told me... "Little one, they all went home an hour ago... You go home too ok? It's already late..." I smiled with embarassment surrounding my mind... Went home with my head bowed down... Maybe it is getting late... I should call it a day...

Tomorrow will be a different story...

Miss those days?... Yeah... Me too...


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