Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Hymn of the Tree...

The night was ours...

The stars are shining brightly that night, you clinged into my arms and I held your soft hands... Seems the two of us never wanted to let go... I really don't want to let go... I don't want this night to end...

Under a tree we lie down, looking at the stars and counting them as the universe blanketed us with its infinity... A cold breeze caressed us, carried us and made us fly, fly high in this night sky... I was smiling, and you are too. We never thought that our lives will be as good as we dreamt it to be... To think that, in this place... In this place, it all started...

I was trying to find a perfect spot that day, so I can lie down for a while and take a rest... While I was walking around this large garden near the seashore, I heard a voice... A lady's voice... It was the most beautiful hymn I had ever heard in my entire life.. She was singing, singing her heart out... Although, I felt her feelings, she was sad that time... I moved closer, is it probably because I want to hear more? is it probably because she is beautiful? or is it because, I want to help her? Whatever the reasons may be... I made up my mind...

She was sitting in this large tree, a tree that seemed to stood there for almost a century now... It was a very nice spot for a rest, but it became perfect when I met her there... I came closer and gave her a flower... The most beautiful flower in the garden, next to her... She smiled as tears fell from her eyes... She murmured her first words to me... "Thank you so much..." "Thank you for what?" I asked curiously... Then she pointed me the flower I gave... I smiled gently at her... As easy as that, I've fallen in love with her... Slowly, she came closer, I got the chance to know her more... We became closer to each other... But then the day has to end so sudden, the sun wave its hands to us, as he descends from the heavens unto the never ending horizon... We watched him, amazed by his beauty... I looked at her eyes... It was sparkling, probably because of the light that the sunset shared to us... But it was different... Somehow, I felt her feelings again... She was happy, contented... I don't know why...

Everyday, as I go to this place you're always there, the only difference is, you don't sing those sad songs anymore... Every melody of your song, I felt your joy, every words you utter always makes me smile... Everyday, we grow closer to each other, we were in love... And I had this feeling of gladness that I wouldn't wanted to take away... But what if she leaves? Just like that?.. I don't want her to leave... Never...

Time flies so fast, when I'm with you... Seems like the sun is always running ang making way to the moon... Day turned into a night... But this night was different... I felt strange...

The stars are shining brightly that night, you clinged into my arms and I held your soft hands... Seems the two of us never wanted to let go... I really don't want to let go... I don't want this night to end... Then she uttered again those words... "Thank You" she said happily... "Thanks for what?"... I asked... She brought out the flower that I gave her when we first met... "Thank you, for this..." ... "You already thanked me... No need..." ... "Thank you too, for coming into my life..." She said... I Just smiled embraced her and suddenly she closed her eyes took a nap on my shoulder... She was very peaceful, then a small mark of smile was visible upon her face...

I slowly opened my eyes... To my surprise, she was not there... Nobody was there... I looked at the large tree that was in front of me... The tree moved slightly as if it was waving at me... Nothing really happened... It was only a dream... But then again... It felt so real... I looked at the tree once more... And to my amusement... The tree was not old anymore... It was blooming with flowers around it... I moved closer... And was shocked by the object that I saw... I saw a... I saw a tombstone... With her name, written all over it... Tears flowed from my eyes... Then I looked at my hands, and saw something peculiar... I'm holding a flower...

I closed my eyes for one last moment...
Smiled gently and offered the flower to her...
Somehow... Maybe somehow...
I am satisfied...


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