Monday, September 18, 2006

Our Last Anniversary...

The Rain Falls Heavily Tonight…

I’m standing here, beyond the clouds… As cold winds touched my skin… I’m searching for you behind the horizon… Through the birds I send my message… I want to say I’m sorry but I don’t know how… It’s been weeks since I’ve been apart to you, even though I’m here in paradise, I can’t help but cry… The rain continuously falls down, it seems that it felt my feelings; the clouds joined me as I cry out loud…

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."

I woke up one morning, the sun was shining brightly that it blinded my sleepy eyes… I was smiling, very excited… For that day was our anniversary… I had been planning this day since the day we’ve been together… I got up, took a bath, ate my breakfast and got on to my motorcycle for a stroll outside…

Messages from you occupied my cellphone, but I didn’t answer. You’re starting to get angry, but I didn’t mind… For I didn’t want to be disturbed, I don’t want to spoil the surprise…

As I rode my motorcycle, I really can’t tell what I felt, it seems like someone’s watching me… I felt uneasy… Although I didn’t mind it, for it may distract my momentum. I was getting closer and closer to your location, my heart starts beating faster and faster… After a while, a familiar face is now visible… It was you standing there, waiting for me patiently, your face was shining and your eyes were sparkling… You were beautiful that day… I felt love in the air; I felt love as I came closer to you… I’m falling in love with you all over again…

You greeted me with a kiss, “Let’s go?” I asked… you just nodded your head, rode in my motorcycle and took you to this place… But as we rode through our destination, I felt a sudden urge of discomfort… I felt nervous… But it all faded away when you hugged me tightly and whispered words of love at my ear...

As soon as we arrived, it was already nightfall… The scene was perfect; the view here is magnificent… Just like before… “What are we doing here?” you asked…

“Don’t you still remember?”
“Remember what?”
“This place… This is the very same spot where I met you…”
*A soft smile was visible upon her face… She was blushing…*
“Yes… I remember now… But why here?”
“Because, this is the place where I fell in love with you… One year has passed since then, but I want to start again here, this place is special to me, for this is the place where I met you... And this is the place where I will ask you...”
“Ask what?”
“My love, will you grow old with me?”

I gave her a ring and it slowly placed it to her finger, she smiled as tears fell from her eyes… She hugged me right away… Crying out loud… I felt it, she was happy… Very happy, as I was too…

“Don’t ever be afraid ok? Remember no matter happens, I will always be with you…”

We went home as soon as the sun shown its glory… We were happy as we rode down the long and winding rode… I wasn’t feeling very easy… I heard voices calling me… And it seems that someone is watching me from afar… I knew there was something wrong… I knew that something will happen… But I didn’t expected it to be this early… My heart was beating faster… I’m losing my mind… But then you hugged me tightly… For a short while, I felt eased…

I knew she felt it, we were driving very fast… She was afraid, shouted every second of our trip… I told her not to be scared; I gave her my helmet and went on…

All of a sudden, it all happened… It all happened so fast… My motorcycle went out of control, for one last time, I took a glimpse of her… “I love you… I’m sorry…” I whispered…

I’m here, watching you from afar… You still can’t get over it… You never stopped crying… And it tears me apart… Then God stood beside me… He asked me about something… And I answered him honestly… He then nodded his head with agreement… Suddenly, the rain stopped… He whispered words of hope unto my ears…

“My child… Go to her… Make her happy once more…”

The next thing I knew... I am back in that place again... I'm looking at the magnificent view when you sat beside me... Kissed me and said...

"Good Morning honey..."


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