Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Coin...

She held the coin as if it was the last coin on earth...

The sun was about to set that day, another tiring day ended and I was about to go home. I rushed down the waiting shed to find a decent and cold FX so I could get some short shut eye. Fate had been good to me, for I immediately found what I was looking for. I signaled the FX, it never ignored my call. I entered the vehicle and paid the fare. Then the driver gave me three 5 peso coins as change, leaving him only bills on his treasury. Then I took out my snack, the usual chocolate I buy from a convience store.

The vehicle stopped at the nearest overpass, probably because of the building traffic. My chocolate was already in half when someone knocked at the door. There was someone outside, struggling to get in. She was unable to open the door for she had no hands to use. She held a thick book on a hand and a handbag on the other. So I never hesitated to help her out. I opened the door, and let her in until she was comfy on her seat. She smiled at me and said in a soft manner "Thank you". I smiled as I looked into her eyes.

She wore a white clinical uniform, with a black sweater. There was no buttons on her sweater so a safety pin held it close together. She had thick eyeglasses and wore a cute smile. I couldn't stop looking at her. My eyes couldn't hold it anymore, I was really tired back then, I really need the sleep. But then I woke up when she said "Here's my fair". She passed on a 50 peso bill. As the driver received the money, he had a disappointed look on his face. He doesn't have coins to complete her change. He scratched his head as he said "Ma'am, do you have a 5 peso coin?". "Wait a second," She answered. She searched her coin purse, until she realized, she didn't have any. "Sir, I don't have a 5 peso coin" she said. The driver scratched his head again. "I do", those words immediately came out of my mouth. I couldn't help it. She looked at me with the worried look on her face. She tried to stop me but nevertheless, I didn't falter. I passed on my change. She blushed as she said "Thanks". "But I don't have any coins here, I can't pay you back." Worriedly she said. "No no no, keep it. You can pay me back when we meet again ok?" I answered. She smiled and agreed. I giggled softly and offered her a piece of my chocolate. She accepted it with a cute smile on her face.

After that, I did my usual rest while riding an FX. Before I fell into a deep slumber, I opened my eyes slightly and looked at her for a bit. She was looking at me, blushing.

I woke up as I felt the vehicle slowly approaches at our destination. She fixed her things and held her handbag, I too did the same thing. The FX stopped at the terminal, I opened the door for her. "Promise I'll pay you back." She said as she slowly departed the vehicle. "Sure, I'll wait for that day." I answered. She smiled and went on. I looked at her as she faded unto the horizon, and I too carried on with a sign of joy written on my face.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Fate's Dagger...

She's everything I've ever wanted...

He knelt on the soft grass as he counted every tear falling from the windows of his broken soul. He looked at the darkness of the night sky, as he noticed the moon, slowly fading out as it hides behind the rainclouds.

They played under the bright sun, but it was rainy on his side. He looked at them from afar. Pure envy filled up upon his soul, his heart, then his mind. But whenever he tried to do something, a part of him says no. He couldn't do anything for he doesn't have the right. He sought for his sanctuary to let out all the hatred hidden upon his heart.

Secretly, she looked upon him. Her eyes were filled with pity. She tried to talk to him but she was afraid. So, she never moved a muscle. Paralyzed, as if somebody's preventing her from doing anything. She looked at the other side of her life and went on with it, leaving him alone on that same spot.

He tried to catch every falling tear from his eyes. "Nothing will happen if I won't do anything." He shouted on his thoughts. But what can he do? He wondered. He asked the heavens for answers. He closed his eyes as he wished upon the first night star.

She took another glimpse of him. She really wanted to go closer to him, but still she couldn't do anything. All she could ever do was to look at him from afar. She waited, waited, and waited some more.

Slowly, he stood up. He left his sanctuary to seek for freedom. Freedom from all the sadness and the hatred. He took a deep breath and went on to his only quest: To win back her heart once more. The rainclouds faded as the sunlight burst upon the dark clouds. He gathered all the strength from the heavens.

She watched him as she waited anxiously beneath her own sanctuary. She felt hope, slowly filling up her empty words. A sign of happiness lingered on her lips as a tear fell from her eye. Her thoughts followed him around, as if she was drawing him closer to her.

They both held the Fate's Dagger and thrusted it on the wall that torn them apart. Their eyes met once more. No words can be heard upon their lips, but anyone could sense the whispers of their souls. Fate has brought them together once more. He thought that it will last forever, but he was wrong. She tried to send her message through her eyes. She couldn't move a muscle once more. Darkness slowly drifted her away. He tried to reach for her hand but he failed. He knelt down, paralyzed. Then he heard a voice upon the fading darkness...

"Free me..."

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