Thursday, July 20, 2006

Our Rendevous...

Someday, all of this will come true...

The stars are shining quite interesting tonight, I watched them twinkle as I lie down on these warm sands... 'Twas a peaceful night, not like any other nights, I felt something different back then... I was curious so I waited some more... It was getting late but that doesn't seem to bother me.... Then something amazing happened... I saw a falling star... It was really a wonderful sight... I smiled, then I gently closed my eyes... And made a wish... Wished as hard as I could...

The morning came and sunlight blinded my eyes, I was about to leave this place when suddenly, I felt someone coming closer, covered my eyes... "Guess who?", the mysterious person asked... I held the person's hands and tried to remove it from my eyes... From what I felt... She's a girl... I can tell by those smooth hands, that hands I longed to touch forever... Then, the pressure from her touch suddenly weakened, slowly, she removed her hands... I turned my back very slowly and was amazed by the beautiful sight that caught me... She was laughing very gently and was teasing me, sticking out her tongue and winking at me every second... I was blushing... But when I look at her, everything doesn't matter at all... She was very beautiful... Eyes as blue as the sea, as deep as the ocean, and as quiet as the murmuring breeze... Face as gentle as the white sand beneath me, as smooth as wind touching my skin... Hair as long as the horizon... And smile that takes one person a thousand miles away from the earth, a smile that takes a breath away and at the same time, gives life to the depressed... It was a wonderful feeling gazing at her that time... So wonderful...

Then, she held my hand and took me somewhere, we were running, wherever the wind takes us... We were free, free as the bird soaring high in the sky... We were flying, as the winds caress us... "Where are you taking me?" I was curious so I asked... But she never told me, she just smiled as she looked at my eyes... I looked behind and noticed that we are now far away... I didn't felt it, it seems like the time is not moving...

"Are we there yet?", "Yes, we're close..." My heart starts to beat very fast, I was nervous but excited at the same time... We stopped into this beautiful tree, a tree that seemed to stand there for a very very long time... This place looks very familliar... Although I can't quite remember anything... She was looking at me, those eyes seem to seize my every breath... "I want to tell you something..." With those beautiful smiles she told me... "What is it?"... "You have to catch me first!"... Then she ran as fast as she could, going around in that beautiful tree, and constantly teasing me all the way... So I have no choice but to chase her and hope that I could catch her... Eventually, I managed to get a grip of her smooth hands... Then she slipped and fell at the ground, taking me with her... We were laughing, laughing as if there is no tomorrow, but then she stopped... She looked at me suddenly, now with those sad eyes... As if she wants to tell me something, something very important... Lying on the ground, she was still quiet... The silence was deafening, I need to break it...

"What's wrong?"
"You don't really remember do you?"
"Remember what?"

Suddenly she came closer, touched my cheeks and kissed me... Everything was spinning, my heart beats faster and faster and can burst anytime... I closed my eyes... And I heard laughters... Laughters of children... Laughters of innocence... Then, an image of a boy and a girl, running around a huge tree, it was a warm summer, I can still feel the breeze around me... As the children moves closer and closer, I noticed something... The boy was me... Everything is clearer now... I opened my eyes... But to my shock... She's not there...

I woke up from a dream, a dream I never want to end... It's still dark, the stars are shining more brightly than before... Someday... All of those will come true... Someday... Out of the blue, another shooting star appeared at the night sky... But this time, I never made a wish... I stood up and went to the place I saw in my dream... When I got there, the tree was still there, surrounded by bright fireflies... I looked at it with pure admiration...

I remember now... I remember...

Suddenly, someone came, and covered up my eyes... I smiled as I felt that it was her... Slowly, she removed her hands and hugged me from behind...

This night is ours...
Memories we all had started here...
Memories of Love and Friendship...
I don't want this night to end...

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