Friday, October 13, 2006


I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...

The blinding light from the fluorescent lamp shined troughout the whole room as I opened the dors and flicked the switch... There was no one there, I guess I'm too early for the 7:30 bell...

I sat at my desk and fell asleep while waiting for my classmates... Even though my eyes are closed, I am awake... Eventually I heard the closing and opening of the door... Finally, I'm not alone, I opened my eyes to see the person who entered.. I saw her there, sitting at the corner, listening to her mp3 player...

I sat beside her and greeted her a good morning. She gave me her sweetest smile... For a while, we sat there at the corner, but she was quet, she never uttered a word... Maybe because I'm quiet too... For I was too shy to even move mouth... Or maybe... Maybe because she's waiting for someone... And not me...

From the very first time I entered this room, She was the 1st person who greeted me "hi!" I can never forget that day... It was the first day of classes, every freshmen such as myself are all quiet, silent as a sitting rock, waiting for someone to move them... I entered the classroom looking for an empty seat, there at the corner she waved at me, I smiled with wonder, but then she pointed at an empty chair beside her and asked me to sit there... Of course I accepted her offer. "Hi There!" she uttered... I smiled at her...

Our story was not different from our classmates, communication builded up our relationship. We've got even closer as every minnute passes by. Every quizzes and every seatworks I'm always there for her... To help her out in every possible way I can. As months flew by, I planned to court her... But then... I guess I was too late...

She's been hanging out with my friend... Especially when goung out to lunch, I'm always left behind, again alone in this room of light.... I didn't know what to do.... Everytime I walk with her, he is also there too, the two of us always accompanied her everywhere. But I felt this wasn't right....I felt the negative vibes entering my innocent self... Yes, from that moment, I knew what I felt.... I felt jelous...

Quiet Again. sitting beside her... In this room filled with blinding light and only the sound of the air conditioner was our background music... I took a last glimpse of her... I know here in my heart. I will never forget that face. I will never forget this corner where we first met. As I took my last chance to touch her hair, I said to her... "Hey. I guess this is goodbye." She looked at with pure curiosity... I just smiled at her.

Just before the tears same out, my classmate came in laughing and yelling jokes. I know it will be hard for me to get over her... But looking at my classmates, I know I can do It, in never alone... I have them.

Thank You CBA, Thanks guys... Happy Vacation See you when I see you...
I'm so sorry... Really...


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