Sunday, September 24, 2006

For the Love of the Game...

I love this game...

You guys probably know what game I'm talking about here... Yes... Bowling...

This is the only sport I excel in... Believe it or not... I have the height for basketball yet, I don't know how to dribble... I have the speed for volleyball yet, I don't know how to set a game... I'm not "buff" and I admit, I have weak arms... But still, bowling changed my life...

I started playing this sport when I am in 3rd year Highschool... That was 2 or 3 years ago... Those were the days when our family play the game together... But it seems those days are gone now because of busy schedules... Anyway... From the moment I played it, I immediately fell in love with it, I don't want to stop... Kung hindi lang mahal 'tong larong 'to malamang nasa bowling center na ako magdamag! I joined in some bowling clinics / lessons which I met our coach, Mon Camba and her wife, Cristie Camba... Coach Mon is a very quiet person, but I can see he is dedicated in teaching us how to play... After few months, Coach recommended us in a PBC Developmental Club... Which was TBAM or Tenpin Bowling Association of Makati... Me and my sister joined in some tournaments but won nothing except for experience of course...

Then comes 4th year Highschool... As some of you guys know, lumipat ako ng school, I studied at my father's hometown which is Infanta, Quezon... My bowling days stopped for 1 year... I lost my play and I missed many experiences... After a few months, I learned from my dad that my sister was "discovered" by a National Team coach, kaya ngayon, nasa Developmental Pool siya ng Team Philippines... I was so envious back then but also happy for my sister for making it... You guys probably saw the Article of Philippine Daily Inquirer which featured the Philippine National Pool, my sister was there...

Now, I returned here in Manila, and I told myself... It's now my turn to shine... This June, nag praktis ako ng nag praktis, umaasa na sana bumalik yung dati kong laro... Matagal tagal din akong hindi nakapaglaro at medyo sablay na ako... But then, coach was still there, he helped me cope up with everything I missed... And he brought a friend... He owns AD-Style Signages Mktg... Their company makes all the signages of all SM Malls all over Philippines... Even those major shops inside of it... For example na lang ay yung malaking SM sa labas, sila gumawa non... From the moment I heard this, I can say, sobrang yaman niya, at talagang maimpluewnsiya... He saw us playing, and offered us a sponsorship... Of course we accepted it... That's why I've been busy this past few weeks, it's because of our MWF training, and tournaments every saturday...

Tinanong ako ng kapatid ko kanina, kung gusto ko raw bang mag Try-Out para sa National Team... Siyempre, pumayag ako! It will start this coming saturday... Sana lang makuha ako... And ang kapatid ko... If we make it, I'll promise that I will make this country proud... Pero medyo nakakainis din dahil, hindi sikat ang Bowling sa Pilipinas... Kung manalo man kami sa Mundo, walang pakialam ang masang pinoy... Dahil mas abala sila sa paghihintay ng panalo ni Pacquiao at pag gawa ng banderitas para sa kanyang Victory party...

Marami akong natutunan sa larong ito... This game requires a lot of DISCIPLINE! Dapat cool lang lagi at wag mainitin ang ulo... Pag madali kang magalit, then this game is not for you... Although kung gusto mong magbago ang trait mo na iyon, then you must try this sport... I learned lately that this game is a Mind Game... Yep, a mind game... For those guys who think that ang bowling ay isang pisikal na laro dahil sa dapat gumamit ng puwersa sa pagbato ng bola, then your wrong... Mas mind game pa siya kaysa sa Chess believe it or not... Dahil kung ikukumpara sa Chess, sa chess may kalaban ka, strategies are made para manalo ka sa opponent mo... Pero sa bowling, ang kalaban mo lang ay sarili mo... Dahil, kapag nagalit ka na o nainis o napikon... Wala na... Sira na ang laro mo... Kapag na mental block ka na at di na alam kung san ibabato ang bola, wala na... Sira na ang laro mo... Oo, ito ang problema ko... Madali akong mainis, this goes to show na talagang kailangan ko pa ng practice...

Hindi maalis sa isipan ko ang mga katagang binanggit ng asawa ng aming coach sa akin... "Huwag mo na isipin ang nangyari na, wag mo nang isipin ang huli mong tira, isipin mo ang susunod at siguraduhin mong mataas ang magagawa mong score..." Kung inyong pagninilayan, applicable siya sa totoong buhay.. Hindi lang sa sport na ito... Huwag isipin ang nangyari na... Magsumikap at tumanaw ng magandang buhay sa hinaharap...

I really hope I can make it to the try-outs... Pray for me, and wish me luck...

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