Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Time withers...

Fewer and fewer people pass that road...

Leaves fall down and then new ones sprout once more... As time goes on, so as this place... Many has changed, it has only been 14 years...

I was walking down to our subdivision, for a stroll... And to freshen up a bit after a busy day... I noticed many changes around me... Changes that I didn't expect to happen...

I happen to pass by at the playground... I remember when I was still a teeny bopper, we play here with my neighbors and with my sister... I would wake up at 7 in the morning just so I can be the first one to arrive here... This place was once very lovely... This place was the center of attraction, for many of the town fiesta's gatherings were done here... This place was once full of flowers, butterflies and dragonflies... And the mind calming smiles of children were all around the area... Yes, laughters and such... But now?.. That place is gone... It is there physically but, it is now different... WAY different... Now, dead leaves covers the pathwalks, tall grasses were all over the place... And the once so lively monkey bars and slides... Are now just a pile of junk... Rusts and holes are seen... No one can hang in the bars without getting blisters and small wounds in their hands... As I pass through, I shared a tear... "Damn"... The only word that came out of my mouth...

The deafening silence strucked me as I walk down the empty streets... There was once a street where children fears the most in our town... That street was always empty, only the sound of the waterfall can be heard... Why is it so scary? This street was the breeding place of stray dogs... Imagine how many dogs live in that place... If ever you step foot on that street... Hundreds of dogs will chase you to death... But then, time flies so fast... The waterfall is now covered with rocks, and a small mining site stood in it... The noisy dogs are now gone... The once so empty street, is now... Lonely...

Then, I happen to pass by at a sari-sari store... This store was once the "Supermarket" of our town... It was always bountiful and never ran out of supplies... All the things you need are there... And the store owner was once very friendly, and always shares a smile... Then, SM Fairview and Robinsons Novaliches stood just 10 mins ride from our town... Yes... The store suffered from bankruptcy... Until now, the store opened again after how many years... But it was not as before... The store looks empty now... And the store owner's smile, is now gone...

I thought that time heals? But why did it have to be this way? The once so lively town... Is now a ghost town...

I went at the bulletin board right at the guard house... And I saw an announcement... The announcement was... "Notice, for Christmas Basketball League"...

Maybe there's still hope after all...


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