Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Our Last Dance...

Is this the beginning of our last dance?

The room felt the intensity when the two of them met at the center. The lights shone more lively than ever before. Everyone was excited to see those two to dance together once again...

On the dance floor, I am invincible. Nobody can stop me from dancing; nobody can stop me from expressing myself... They say that I dance with passion, I dance with life, I dance with energy... But they were all wrong... Inside, I wasn't really dancing at all... My body moves but never did my heart... Something's missing... And I didn't know what that was 'til that faithful day came...

I went to the park to get some fresh air, and to release all the pressure I had. It was fall that time, cold winds struck my skin but then I went on... This is all I needed... Then I heard music coming from under a tree not that far from here. I followed the beautiful music until I arrived at this large tree. My heart pumped harder than before, I wasn't sure what I felt back then... I couldn't stop looking at her as she danced her way around that spot... She was very graceful, like angels from heaven carried her around. I couldn't stop looking at her. Until she fell down on her feet when a rock blocked the dance floor.

I immediately ran out of hiding to help her out. She was really hurt that time, but then she smiled when I helped her out... "Thank you" she said politely... I sat beside her under the tree... My heart felt like it wants to jump out of my ribcage... I let out a hidden smile... But then it was really noticable because my face was turning red... She giggled quietly...

We got to know each other more under that tree... She was also a dancer, but she was more used on dancing with a partner... I felt disappointed because I'm more of a soloist type... She told me that her partner went abroad to start a new career. "I'm not really good in dancing with a partner, but if you want, I can be your dancing partner?" I told her... She smiled with a relief saying "Really? That would be great! Thank you!" and gave me a sweet hug...

Everyday she goes to the studio to practice with me... Every move, every step was very graceful and effortless for her, I learned from her... She taught me every step of the way, she changed the way I dance in this life... She changed everything to me... I was more happy than ever... And the people saw it too. Even the critics liked me now. I was very happy that I met her... Then as time passed by... The people saw our efforts and wanted us to dance on a town celebration... Of course we accepted the proposal...

There was silence all over the room when we first stepped in. The world was ours, and time was on our side... We danced the night away with grace and passion... All that time, I was smiling... Knowing that I was holding her hand all night... She was smiling as I was too... I was very happy, but then I didn't know that she wasn't...

After the performance, her face was full of sadness, the silence she expressed was deafening... I couldn't help it, I asked her why... "I miss my partner" she told me... I looked at the stars that time and realized... "I can never replace someone like him..." I left her alone for a while to think about everything... What is this I'm feeling?.. Am I... Jealous?... I left the room with a swipe to my falling tear...

The next day, she left a note... She thanked me for everything I've done for her... She told me that she was very happy that she met me in the process. But then she wanted to be left alone for now... She didn't wrote why... I felt alone... Now, everything seems pointless... I couldn't feel the passion anymore... I couldn't feel the every beat that the music made... I... I... I miss her... The people became more aware of my situation... Just like that, I lost some fans and gained more critics... I lost everything... "Oh God... Take away everthing.. But please, make her come back to me..."

I stood under the tree where we first met... Everything changed since I last went here... Everything seems too dull now... I missed her more and more...

Then from a distance, a soft music played on the background... Tears fell from my eyes as I looked back... I saw her standing there... Smiling at me... I smiled and greeted her... "I thought about everything... It's true, you can never replace him... But you are far better than him... I missed you so much..." My heart was beating faster than ever... As if it was dancing through every note of the background music... "Can we have another dance together?" she asked... I held her hand as she placed her hand on my shoulder... As I told her...

"Anytime my love..."

Once around the floor can we do it again?... I love you...


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