Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Until the sun sets and we say Goodbye...

Maybe, you have read this story from me many times... I want to share it once more... So bear with me guys! heehee.. :) Seatwork namin ito noon sa English... Gusto ko lang i-share...

Darkness came, as it slowly blinds my eyes...

It was a silent afternoon, the wind was soothing as it cuddles my soul into this never ending feeling of peace... Everyone was taking their mid afternoon rest but I was not... Sitting in a cottage, I held my guitar; singing the songs you've been singin to me since the day we met... Hoping you could hear me and hoping you will sit beside me... I wasn't alone, for the birds were there to sing with me, but still... I'm still hoping it was you...

Somehow, I heard your voice... You called me, and waved your hands... You smiled, I too was smiling... I asked you to come sit beside me, you never turned down my request...

Now I sit here, looking at your eyes... Everything was spinning, the winds were smiling as they whispered to me the words that I should say to you... "Tell her! Tell her now!"... I only looked into your eyes, that magically brown eyes... As if the sun is rising in it... It was glowing, probably with happiness... I can see it through your every smile... Then you sang our song... That calming voice that soothes my tired and worried soul... I felt freedom... I felt freedom when I'm with you... This is what I truly wanted all along... I wanted you all along... To be here beside me, at our paradise...

You asked me to join you guys to go to the seashore... The day was perfect for a plunge... Of course I came along... But all I did was to watch you there... Every laughter, every smile you shared to your friends... I was envious back then, but you looked at me... Shared a smile... That was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen...

The sun was starting to say goodbye... The darkness was coming fast... But then you didn't move... "What's wrong? Come on, let's go..." I told you... Still you didn't budge... "Let us stay here for a while... I'm waiting for something..." Curious as always, I sat at the seashore with you...

I started to wander but it all worn off when you smiled and pointed at the horizon... It was a wonderful sight... The sun was starting to set... Slowly, it hides into the horizon, waving at us as it shared its light... We were glowing... I felt love in the air... I clinged into your arms as you held my hand at that moment... Then we shared our dreams, our inspirations, and our promise... A promise I will never forget... You and I, until the sun sets... You and I until darkness rules the world... You and I, forever...

The wind was getting colder as the moon started to show her face... But then you still didn't budge... You moved even more closer, you clinged harder to me... I can't move... I never wanted to move... I don't want the sun to set... I don't want you to leave my sight again... I don't want the past... I don't want the Future... I just want the present... The present to stand still... So I can be with you always... We looked at the heavens, the universe was with us... Clearly showing to us the love we had back then... I still love you... Before, now, and forever will be...

Goodbye, why does it have to end this way?
Goodbye, why do we have to walk away?
Goodbye, hold my hand and never let go...
Goodbye, Let me tell you that I love you so...
For one last time... One last time...
Until the sun sets, and we say goodbye...

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