Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Dreamer's Lullaby...

This time, it will be much longer...

The sun sets much faster since the day you left. I feel my life slowly fades out, joining the setting sun. Life as I knew it, has never been the same.

I stood here at the same place. The place where I met you. I could visualize it clearly, everything happened so fast that time. The sun sets very slowly as I was loving the magnificent view, then it all happened. A flash from the sun blinded my eyes. The cold winds gathered around me, carrying me up until I was knocked unconscious. By the time I woke up, you were in front of me, looking at me with those worried eyes as you whisper "Are you ok?!". I stood up, looked at her with pure curiosity, she looks very unfamiliar. It seems like she's not from around here. She looks different from all the other girls I've seen before. As if she only exists in my dreams. Those eyes, shining like the setting sun. Blinding like the light that knocked me out. They were beautiful, very beautiful.

She sat down beside me, we watched the slowly setting sun. She told me that she's not really from around here. She happened to pass by and saw me lying on the ground unconscious. Everytime she talks, I couldn't stop looking at those eyes. It always takes my breath away everytime our eyes meet. She was very beautiful, slowly, I'm falling for her.

I took her around town, showed her every wonders that the world could bring. Gave her the time of her life. I shouldn't waste the time she gave me. Every second counts. For I feel something very different. It feels like I'm slowly losing her. The night approaches fast. The moon shines its glory. I took her back from the start. From the place where we first met.

"Here we are again."
"Yeah. I thought you'll show me around?"
"Why bother? This is the most beautiful place in town."
"Yeah, in this place the sun sets, in this place life is very peaceful, and in this place, I met you."
*Smiles, blushes* "Can I ask you something?"
"Would you catch me if I fall for you?"
"I'll catch you, and I won't let go."
"Really?.. What would you do If tomorrow, you'll wake up and you'll notice that I'm not by your side anymore?"
"Then I won't sleep, I'll watch over you until the day I die."
"I'm not promising that tomorrow, I'll still be around."
"Why? Tell me."
"I can't."

From that moment, she closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber. I felt scared when I heard those words from her. I hugged her as tight as I can. This time I won't let go, I won't. The winds sang its tune on us. It made me feel very sleepy. Slowly, my eyes closed, I held her tightly just to be sure I won't lose her. I fell into a deep slumber.

The sun shone above me. I opened my eyes, blinded by the rays of the sun. My heart beated violently. I noticed that, she was gone. I shed a tear and realized that, maybe she's really only a dream. But why did it felt so real? I looked around and noticed a note lying beside me.

"I'm sorry for leaving without telling. I'm sorry but I guess, it's time to wake up from this slumber. It was being too good and I loved every second of it. Meeting you was the most precious thing that had happened to me. I wish I could sleep once more so I could be with you all over again. But beautiful things has its end. Remember that I will always love you. I'll surely miss you."

Maybe in time, I'll forget you. Maybe. But then I don't know how or when. But thinking that we're looking at the same sky, we're not really far away. I believe we'll meet again. Someday, somehow. I'll wait for you...

I woke up from a deep slumber. I looked at the calendar and noticed that it has been 3 days. I had a dream. It was a very beautiful experience. I want it to happen again. Maybe.. Just Maybe, if I sleep again, there would be a chance that my dream could continue. Maybe. I'll try. This time, It would be much longer. I might never wake up again. For I'd rather die sleeping and dreaming you are here than waking up every morning noticing that you're not real.


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