Saturday, June 23, 2007

Food on the Table...

It was fun while it lasted

The heat of the sun filled the empty room as I was gasping for a cool breeze... I remembered, my sister turned off the AirCondition and the Electric Fan was broken... I checked the time, it was already 12 in the afternoon. I stretched up and went down to eat my "breakfast".

The house was in a total mess when I came down, the "housemates" are always having their "spring cleaning" every sunday... But then they never managed to put the sofas and tables back in place. I went to the dining table and noticed that the food was already served... Somehow, I felt relieved...

But then I wasn't very happy with this kind of setup before. Our former housemate also serves the food on the dining table and we have to go there to eat it. This process was good because my family and I can eat together. Well, not really every time because my parents often comes home very late. But then, one day, I asked her If she can serve the food to me so I don't have to go to the table anymore (I'm such a lazy bum). He looked at me with those angry eyes. Probably like you see on YM with this smiley ":-". Oh, how I dreamt of having dinner in front of the pc...

Then one day, she left our house to go home to her province, and then came another housemate. This time, her modes are different. She now serves the food on US. We'll just tell her on what we want to eat then she serves it on us. My dream if finally coming true! No more going up and down to go to the dining table, no more distractions, no more stolen time on conferences and... No more together time with my family... Now that I think of it, I never thought of that before... I was having so much relief on the setup, I forgot the real meaning of having dinner on the dining table... It is the bonding with the family that counts right?..

Sometimes I got tired of the same setup every morning. Everytime I'm hungry and looks for food. And when the housemates are all in bed having their "siesta", there's no food served at the table. It was very frustrating because, I can't cook heavy meals. That was the time when I thought, enough is enough...

Then our housemate left our house saying "magbabakasyon muna ako". Then came another housemate. And as you can see, everything is back to normal... She serves the food on the table again... But then, the lazy bum inside of me misses the former setup... Well, everything is back to normal and I must say... It was fun while it lasted...

"Wait, I'm not finished with my food! Wait! Stop it! Don't clean it yet! Argh! Ateee!!"


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