Saturday, February 24, 2007

United Melody...

We conquered the hearts of the many...

This week, we'll be celebrating the I.T. Week in UE, that means, more activities for the CCSS (Computer Studies and Systems) Students... No classes, pure fun...

Many contests were established by the COMSSO organization, one of them is the "Unplugged 2k7" battle of the Acoustic bands... And some conditions were also posted by most of the CCSS professors that whenever you join in one of the activities, there will be an additional grade for the final term... When we heard of the news, my band and I immediately joined in Unplugged...

Kanina, nag practice kami for the upcoming activity, pumunta sa bahay namin yung mga kabanda ko to practice... Thinking of a song was the most hardest part of the practice, since there were many songs to choose from. And also, it is not really the genre of our band because, we play rock and some emo songs... Luckily, I have a background in Acoustic contests, since I started playing in an Acoustic band (AMIS).

Eventually we decided to cover one of Tamia's song, "Officially Missing you". I know, you guys know this song... Sino bang hindi?. And another one is Natalie Imburglia's "Torn"... The practice lasted for 2 hrs. We had fun, and most important, we practiced our piece perfectly... We were confident that we could do this thing... But we can't be sure right? So I need your prayers guys... :)

After the practice, we recorded our song, so our Lead Guitarist would not forget the "Adlib" he made... But something happened when he played the instrumental part... Hindi talaga iyon yung adlib na nagawa niya nung nag pa-practice kami, so it ended up to be an "on the spot" adlib... hehe... You'll be the judge :)

powered by ODEO
Officially Missing You - Pseudonym
(Not yet the final band name)

sorry medyo sintunado ung gitara :P comments are gladly appreciated...
If you guys have other suggestions / comments with the song, pakilagay na lang sa comment :) and kung may suggestion pa kayong mga acoustic na songs na pwede naming i-cover, please do tell! Thanks in advance! Enjoy :)

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