Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Visions of you... Kept on haunting me...

Loud sounds of rock and roll covered the whole room... The loud screams of the singer, the cheerful shouts of the audience, the powerful riffs of the guitar players, and the brain blowing beats of the drummer occupied the whole area... Yes, once again, we did our magic...

My classmates and I had our weekly jamming in "Bodega™" right beside UE... It was only there where I can calm my nerves, where the music soothes my soul and helps me to realize, everything is beautiful no matter what may happen... It has always been this way... Music always saves me...

After 1 hour of loud music... The sounds of rock finally stopped... Time to go home... And once again, I am all alone... I took a last glimpse at the drumsets right at the back room, where my station was... There I saw something I never thought I would see again... There she was... Playing her favorite beat... Playing the songs that we shared together... I smiled, but nobody saw... I closed my eyes... The sounds were gone... She vanished also, before my very eyes...

I went outside, to freshen up... Still shocked about that experience... It happened again... Even though I can see my classmates talking, and constantly moving their mouths... I can't hear anything... It was quiet... Then I looked at the side walk... There I saw her again... Coming down from a jeepney, as if she was in hurry... My eyes followed her... Large amount of crowd covered her... Then, as my vision cleared... I realized... It was not her...

While riding the FX, I felt kinda dizzy... Still restless and tired... My eyelids slowly drops... The next thing I knew, I was falling asleep... After a few minutes... A bump woke me up... The FX stopped and a passenger came in... Her hair was just like hers... Even her perfume... I can feel her presence inside the FX... Damn, what is wrong with me... Then she looked at me... Again, it was not her... Must be seeing things again...

As I departed from the FX, I looked at it once more... And a crazy coincidence strucked me... The plate number of the FX was... Her name...

if u don't know her name, look at my last post.. Her name was stated there...

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