Thursday, September 13, 2007

Breath Taker...

No words can describe the happiness that we felt...

Congratulations to the
UE Red Warriors!

A real breath taker. Sana walang pasok! wohoo! XD

It doesn't matter who wins or losses. All that matters is that you're a Warrior!
A warrior by name, and a warrior by heart!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Hair, New Life...

I lost my power..

Ok, i'll let you join the Asian Schools Training as long as I see your
hair cut on sunday.

Those words struck my senses as soon as he said that to me. I couldn't believe what I've heard. It has been my dream to be a part of that bowling team. If not a part of it, at least I could join them in training. But then, the offer had a very hard price. Yes, my hair cut.

My hairstyle has been my trademark in the PBC Youth (Philippine Bowling Congress). Usually, when I play sports, I usually wear a pony tail to keep my hair from covering my eyes. Some youth bowlers find it very disturbing, while some find it cute. I guess not only the Youth bowlers noticed my "style" but the "sponsor recruiters" as well. Kaya pala hindi ako nakakuha ng sponsor dahil hindi daw disente ang itsura ko.

Also, this has been my "look" when I was forced to join the CCSS College Idol last semester. I was always the noticable contestant, for my hair constantly covers my eyes. One of the judges even mentioned: "Alam mo, maganda sana yung mga mata mo, kung hindi lang natatakpan ng buhok mo". The audiences' reaction was the same as hers. I just smiled and flicked my hair.

And lately, I changed my hairstyle to what people call it "The Emo Look". Yes people, emo look. For those bloggers who saw me already, I know that they know this. But then, the covering of the eyes made me very irritable, so I decided to bite their "dare".

I went to my "trusted" barber and had my hair done. I told him to just trim it shortly and never cut it too short. But damn it! I guess he didn't quite get what I've said! As the razor sharp scissors moved closer to my hair, I felt uneased. "Shlick!" And then it happened. The first fall of my uber long hair came down unto my lap. I held it for one last time and closed my eyes. "Shlick Shlick Shlick!" The horrific sound continued. When I opened my eyes, I was shocked by the result...

I felt like I was 5 years younger. I felt like an elementary student! "WTF!" I whispered in my mind.

Nako, kapag hindi pa ako nakuha sa Team Prima nito, leche isusumpa ko na sila!

*Trivia: It takes just only 30 minutes to cut a 1 year grown hair.
Sad, I miss my hair T_T

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Dream or The Ambition...

Whatever I choose, there's always a feedback...

A lot of things has been happening lately, and I can tell you, it's really making me crazy. I need an advice. Please, can you help me make a decision?
1.) For all of you guys out there who knows me a lot, music has been and will always be a part of my life. I once dreamt of having our own concert with our band or at least, have a music video aired in either Myx or MTv. But then, I know that before the famous bands out there became what they are today, they first seeked for gigs and such. And finally, one of my bandmate found a place where we could start. It's just a small bar somewhere in EspaƱa. I would like to try it out sometime, but then I'm thinking that my tight schedule right now wouldn't allow it.

2.) I've been playing bowling for a year now and I must say, I'm getting better at it. When I was starting, getting a score of 130 was harder than understanding the Laws of Gravity. But then, with a lot of practice (and I mean a LOT!) my average score went up to 180+. I can say it's an achievement but, as my co-bowler said to me: "Don't be satisfied with what you have right now. Strive harder, Aim high! Pasay!"

Yes, I strived harder, and I must say, it was worth it. My sister's coach told me to join their training for the Asian Schools. This is really a big opportunity for me because my ambition to be a member of Team Prima will not be that hard to reach. (Prima is one of the most prestigious bowling teams not only in the Philippines but in Asia as well.) But big opportunities means big adjustments. Time will be a problem because of the Trainings and Tournaments. It is hard finding a free time as it is. I want to be a member of Prima but, I have a life too...

Whatever I choose, there is a negative feedback hanging onto it. I don't want that feedback to happen to me again. I once made a decision that changed my life forever. I'm afraid of making the same mistake as I did before. Why is it so hard to choose?! Please, help me decide...

It is hard finding time for us to talk as it is. I'm afraid that if these things would take all my free time away. I don't want to take the risk. I don't want to make the same mistakes all over again. I don't want to lose her again... I'm scared...

Whatever may happen, I hope she would understand that all I'm doing right now is not mainly for myself. I want to have a stable career. Money doesn't grow on trees. I don't want to be a fat slob sitting around, doing nothing in the future. I'm thinking ahead, I want to earn my own income. Not just for me, but for her as well...

Promise me you won't leave my side. Promise me you won't leave me. Promise
me... Please...

I'm afraid of losing you.

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