Monday, February 18, 2008

The Leader of the Band...

He never said a word, until that night...

Everybody felt alive that day, everybody seemed to be excited on that day's event. There was a slight chill in the winds, but the everybody didn't seem to mind it.

I too, was excited of what was going to happen that day. It was our christmas party, the highlight of the school year. I wanted to know what's it like celebrating christmas with new friends and new school. Everybody was talking about it, they were saying that the event was the most awaited event of all students, especially the lovers. They were starting to get ready for the night, except for one person.

He pulled his armchair beside the window and sat on it. He looked at the mountains outside, without a single word coming out of his mouth. He didn't care about the hassles that were happening around. He just sat there, as if thinking of something. He picked up his guitar and started playing the song that he made. It was wonderful. He played it like he was in love with the music. He sang it with all his heart. Slowly, I sat beside him, listened to the melody that he plays.

"What are you doing?", I asked. He just smiled as he said, "Nothing, I was just practicing a song."
He put the guitar down very slowly and stood up as he said, "Come on, we have to practice. We're going to play for the night's event right?" I smiled and agreed. So we went on our way.

The day seemed to pass by so quickly, the sun immediately made way for the moon. I went to the school early that time so I could set up the instruments needed for the program. I was with my classmate that moment, but he was quiet once again, never uttered any single word. He just looked at the stillness of space as he was tuning the guitars. Sweat fell down from his forehead, and his hands were shaking. I could hear his heartbeat from across the room. I could tell from his actions that he was thinking of something. He wiped down the sweat, stood up and freshen up a bit. "I guess we're all set. Are you ready?" He said with a smile on his face. He showed a smile, but his eyes showed his true feelings. I could feel that there's something he wanted me to do. But I didn't know what.

And then it happened. Lights filled the auditorium as the people danced their spirits all night. They all looked very happy and lively, but I was right at the stage, holding a guitar. I looked at them with pure envy as they asked me to join them. I couldn't, for it was already time for our performance.

I stood up as he walked to the centerstage. He held his guitar and went to the microphone. It made a very disturbing feedback, everyone just laughed. "Sorry about that." He said, with the same smile on his face. He looked at me and gave me a signal. I agreed with a nod. "This one's for the couples here tonight. Let's make this night last forever shall we? How about we fill the auditorium with love?" The people shouted, and slowly the noise faded as he plucked the guitar. He had a good singing voice, just right for making the girls fall for him. He could hypnotize everyone with the melodies that were coming out of his vocal chord. The room immediately filled with trance. I could see the people, each with a partner. I could feel the love that time. I looked at him as he continued to sing.

Suddenly, he stopped after he sang the refrain, but he signaled us to continue playing. And so we did. Everyone didn't seem to notice that he stopped, probably because they were happy dancing on their own worlds. He put the guitar down and walked fast through the door. He didn't stop until he was covered with darkness. We wondered, but still we continued to play his song. After a while, he entered the room again, but this time, he was not alone. He was with a beautiful lady, looking a bit speechless and clueless of what was going on. I smiled, for I knew what he wanted me to do that time.

Everybody stopped for a while as they noticed him entering the room. He smiled at me as I handed him the microphone. He portrayed a different person that night. The quiet, mysterious leader of the band, became a person filled with hope and love. "Shall we dance?" he said with the microphone on. Tears fell from the young lady's eyes as she wrapped her arms around her partner. We continued to play, but now, he was singing on the tune again. The serenade awed the whole place. We watched them right there at the center stage as they danced their way through the hands of time.

I stared at the stillness of space as I wondered...

"When will be my time?.."

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