Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So Far Away

He whispered at the wind...

The translucent drops of hail fell down upon the land as he looked up upon the glory of the night sky. He longed for a sweet embrace all those time for he always felt the chill, and the loneliness of being alone.

For a long time, he had no companion. He asked for a miracle every moment of his life. A miracle that he thought, will never ever happen.

One night, as he sat under the cradle of the moonlight. He noticed the most brightest star, hanging on upon the vastness of the universe. He looked at it with pure amusement. But still he wished that he could look at it with someone by his side. His face marked a sign of sadness as the cold winds carried him up to the night sky. He closed his eyes for a bit, he opened his heart as he listened to the whispers of the wind. They made soft voices that formed words. Words that seemed to call upon his lonely heart. He heard hope upon those voices.

"Someday, everything will be ok..."

He slowly opened his eyes, for he felt a very strange warmth. Then, he noticed the brightest star in front of him. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. But then as the star shone more brighter, it blinded his vulnerable eyes. He couldn't see anything but a white light. Then all of a sudden, it exploded into millions and millions of pieces. Slowly, he opened his eyes.

He was enthralled by what he saw. A tear fell from his eye and a smile marked upon his lips. His prayers were heard, his wishes came true. As tears continued to fall upon his eyes, he felt a soft caress. Warmth filled up upon his heart and body as he listened again to the soft whispers.

"I'm here now, do not be afraid..."

He felt a soft kiss on his cheek, then he looked at her. She was very beautiful. Her eyes were as bright as the stars. He never felt this alive before. After a long time, he was happy once more. Happy as he could ever be.

"You are never alone, always remember that..."

Then she slowly flew away from him. He tried to reach her but then she was too far away. He couldn't move a single muscle. He felt like he was paralyzed as the winds slowly took him back to the ground. As soon as his feet planted upon the soil, he then again, looked at the night sky. He watched her slowly leaving his sight. She smiled upon him as she again, shone for him. He felt hope. He knew that someday, they will meet again. But until then, he waited as he whispered..."

"I know we're far away... But trust me, I'll find a way just to get there!"

Happy New Year ^_^

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