Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Break...

First of all, I want to greet everyone


Yes, I'm still in the period of hiatus... I guess I'm not yet ready to come back... Maybe next year, I promise... I miss all of you here in the blogosphere... I really want to come back, pero wala pa rin ang inspirasyon sa aking puso... Wala pa rin akong ganang magsulat ng kung ano-ano... Hinahanap ko pa ang kulang sa aking buhay, at the same time, sinusubukan kong bumangon muli... Hinihintay ang muling pagsikat ng araw... Pero mukhang malabo nang makita ko muli ang liwanag... Hehe.. Ano ba yan! Paskong pasko, madrama pa rin ako! Anyhoo.. Enjoy the Christmas break you guys! muli, Have a Very Merry Christmas to you All!!! Talk to you guys soon! Take Care!

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