Saturday, January 06, 2007

Despair, Repentance, Forgiveness, Happiness...

I know that one day... I'll be free...

Despair... Yes... That was the most likely word to describe in what was happening to me these past few weeks... I needed to be alone, I needed to think about things that happened... I needed to make sure that I am now awake... From this dream that I kept on wishing I'm living on... Too much drama, too much tears had fallen... But that wasn't enough... I had a whole year wasted just because of that stupid feeling... So here I am again, back to where I started... I know, I'm stronger now than when I was before...

Repentance... Maybe, this was my karma... Maybe God planned the whole thing all along... But still... Thanks to him, I learned... He is the most greatest teacher after all... I'll stop this stupid nonsense, and go back to my life... I have friends! That's more than enough... Thanks Guys!

Forgiveness... Even thou we haven't talked about the "problem"... I understood her... Yes, I know how hard it is to fall in love to a guy who's a hundred kilometers or even miles away from you... Maybe she just needed to find that attention she really deserves... That attention that I wasn't able to give to her... And I know she found that to her special someone right now... I'm happy for both of you... But to the guy, please take care of her... I forgave her... Yes... Forgive, but never forget...

Happiness... I've been busy these past few days... 'twas another reason why I wasn't able to blog for sometime... Our Theater Group SI-KAT is going to celebrate its 10th year anniversary... It will be a huge celebration, and of course, we are going to have a show... I'll tell you guys the details soon... And my passion for music came back to me once again... Although I haven't able to make a new song because of my busy schedule... About our career... I made it into the National Developmental Training Pool... Just like my sister... Next stop... The national team... Hmmm Maybe 5 years more!

I had the time that I needed... I had the enough time to be alone... And now, I guess... I'm ready to move on... I'm ready to face new challenges... I'm ready for all the barricades that this year could throw at me... I'm ready to write another chapter of my life... I'm ready to open my heart once more... I'm ready to fall in love again...

Thank you to all of you... For making me feel better... I owe you guys big time! Thank you to my "bebi" for being there for me, for wasting time to listen to my dramas, for sharing a hand to hold on to, a shoulder to cry on, and the friendship... Even thou we haven't really met in person... I hope that one day, I'll be able to see her and thank her personally... Maybe this year... Maybe next month... Who knows? :D

And oh, by the way! Thanks to Isaiah, for waking me up! Thanks for bringing me back here into the blogosphere! I missed you guys!


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