Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Cure for the Common Hitch...

The things I would do just to forget you...

Soft sounds of a fountain was the background music, gushes of the winds were their cradle, and only a candle lights their faces... Yes, it was a very beautiful evening for both of them, each of them sends of their messages through their passionate eyes... It was the night that the quiet young man promised...

I woke up one day... Still haunted by the past... Hopeless and weak, never knowing what to do... There at my bed, I sat still... With the warmth from the sun covering me, embracing all the hatred that was stuck inside my heart... For the first time, I was calm... Calm and ready to face another day...

Everywhere I look I always see lovers... Holding hands, whispering in each other's ear, laughing, kissing, hugging, and having a good time... I looked at them... Envious... They just smiled at me... As I raced my way unto the busy side walk... I closed my eyes for a bit, hoping for someone to bump at me... But I guess, that will never happen...

Slowly, I opened my eyes... The blinding light of the sunset flashed right in front of me... As things started to get clearer, I heard someone crying... There I saw her, watching the sunset as it hides beneath the horizon... Her long black hair embraces her body as the winds started to get colder... My heart was then, occupied by pity... From that moment, I couldn't control myself... I sat beside her... She looked at me with those beautiful eyes, overflowing with wasted tears...

"I know, I am a complete stranger... But you can cry on my shoulder..."

I said, as I shared a broken smile... She just shared a smile, and looked away... Right into the hiding sun...

"Ok, I guess you want to be alone... I'll go now... Take care..."

I stood up and walked again into the busy streets... Until...

"Wait... Please stay..."

Of course, I wouldn't leave her... I wouldn't leave someone crying alone on a crowded place... I sat again beside her... With that sad look upon her face... I couldn't help but to ask her what's wrong... She told me that she saw her boyfriend with an another girl... Kissing and laughing as if she wasn't there... It's been months but still, she couldn't cope up with it... It was hard for her to move on... Slowly, she rested her head on my shoulder, as I wiped her tears... I sign of relief was visible upon her hidden smiles... I couldn't blame her for crying, I know, with this, she will surely be stronger in the future...

She looked at me with pure happiness as she told me...

"Let's eat something, my treat"
"No no no, let me treat you tonight ok?"

Dissapointed, she agreed with a nod... I took her on a restaurant not far from here... The scenery was perfect... This night was truly the night of my dreams... But I knew, that this night will not last long...

"A candlelight dinner, how romantic"

She said, blushing... I knew, it won't last long... So might as well make this a night we won't forget... As the time flew by, her eyes seems to glow more and more brighter each second. She now smiles with ease. I can see by her eyes, she's now happy, contented.. Just the way I wanted her to be...
She then, sat next to me... Rested at my shoulder for a while, and held my hand.... I was blushing but I didn't gave her a chance to notice it... I looked at her with a smile as she played with my fingers...

"Why didn't I met you before?.."
"Maybe, God made this day for us to meet..."
"I wish I could turn back time..."
"Me too.. Me too..."

She cuddled right into my arms, with her head upon my chest... My heart started to beat faster and faster... I knew she felt it... But then suddenly... Her boyfriend came, rushing down on us... He punched me and left me stunned, as she took her away from me... She looked at me as tears fell from her eyes, she tried to reach me but then it was already too late... The darkness of the night, swallowed the two of them away... Out of sight... Tears and blood mixed as they dripped into my cheeks and right down to the ground... I couldn't move... I was too weak... Embarassed, ashamed... I didn't know what to do...

"What now?.. *sigh*"

-to be continued

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