Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Broken Smile...

Things will never be the same...

An agonizing pain woke me up this morning... My tooth is hurting badly because my Third Molar a.k.a. the Wisdom Tooth is growing... But this is different... From what I've heard... My third molar is not growing normally... It pushes my 2nd and 1st molars... I'm suffering from this pain for almost a year now...

I woke up crying from the pain... I immediately stood up and went to the computer area, where I saw my mom reviewing her lecture... (She's a dentist by the way... You must've heard her from the radio... Dr. Ma. Lourdes M. Coronacion D.M.D.) "Mom... I can't take the pain anymore..." I cried to her... I knew she felt my pain, so immediately went to the conclusion... "Anak, pabunot na natin yan..."

I never declined her offer... For she is a dentist, she knows what she's saying... I just told myself that this is much better than the other option...

Two options were given to me by my Mom... First is to wait for a certain dentist (I forgot the name, she is one of the professors of my brother in UE) who went abroad... For she practices "Root Canal"... This is the method of killing the nerves that connects the tooth... My mom told me that this is much painful than the other option which was... Yes... Pull of my 1st molar... I can't wait any longer for that dentist so I chose the 2nd option... I thought that it will be just like snapping my fingers... I thought that it will be less painful... But damn...

In UE, I can't speak... My tooth really hurt bad... But I never forgot to smile at my classmates... Maybe this will be the last time that they will see me smile... I skipped the Class Review that we planned and immediately went to my mom's clinic... I ate my lunch at McDo and consumed 2 medicines that my mother recommended... Pain Reliever I suppose...

As I was getting closer to the clinic... My heart starts beating louder and louder... Yes, I was nervous... This was the very first time I felt nervous in going to the clinic... I went in and my Mom's Assistants saw me... Seems like they were waiting for me all along... "Let's go?" one of them asked... "Let's do this" I answered...

Sitting in the dental chair... The first stage of the pain was implemented... She applied anesthesia on my gums... Imagine... 2 Times... I was pierced by a long syringe... Then I immediately felt the effect of it... My mouth felt numb... They gave me two stress balls on each hand and Immediately went to the process... They blindfolded me so I can't see what they are doing... Even with the blindfold on, I still can feel what they are doing...

I heard sucking sounds from a device... I didn't know what that was coz' my eyes were covered... Pain starts to build up... I uttered silent moans... Then it happened... One of them held my jaw to keep it open... The other one starts to pull off my tooth... I squeezed the stress ball as hard as I can... My whole body is shaking... I was screaming silently... Then it gets painful and painful every second... My scream is getting louder and louder.... Then I heard a crack... My tooth was pulled off... Still feeling the pain, tears starts to fall from my eyes... Crying silently... Wishing that this is all over...

I was wrong... "Meron pang naiwan... Onti na lang ok?" One of them uttered... Immediately hearing that, I squeezed again the stress ball... This time, it didn't help a lot... They pulled of the roots slowly but hardly... "AAAAAAARRRGHHH!!" If you are studying at FEU-NRMF, you must've heard my scream... I cried... I cried my whole heart out... Damn, this is more painful than being rejected by someone! This is more painful than being punched in the face! I felt like I was dying, It was like, million needles are piercing my gums... "Yan! Tanggal na... Tapos na..." Even though it's over, I can still feel the pain... Damn, I won't forget this day... Argh... I can endure every month of suffering from ulcer, but damn, this is intolerable...

Right now, I still can't look at the mirror... I'm scared to look at myself... I'm scared that I won't see that smile from me again... That smile that I'm proud of for 16 years... Damn... I hate to admit it, but I know I must... At a very young age... I'm wearing implants... Dammit...

As I type this, I'm constantly spitting blood... Damn... It hurts like hell... I don't want to go to the dentist again... Argh...

Thanks to Dr. Emma and Dr. Raine... And to my mom of course...

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